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Nick Cannon jokes holiday shopping ad: “Thanks To Me The World Now Has 8 Billion People”

Nick Cannon shared how he's getting ready for Christmas shopping as a father of 11 children, with a 12th baby on the way:

“All these damn gifts, y’all just don’t wanna go to college,” the “Gigolo” actor-turned-rapper-turned-mogul said on YouTube Tuesday.

Nick Cannon Released a Christmas shopping spoof video to his YouTube account

Nick Cannon poked fun at his 'big ass family' as he went Christmas shopping for his many children in a hilarious spoof ad.

“Nick Cannon’s Holiday Shopping” video was filled with jokes about the difficulties of buying gifts for kids — let alone nearly a dozen of them.

Nick Cannon begins the video by saying, “It’s almost the holidays, and thanks to me, the world now has 8 billion people — But my job’s not done.” Cracking his knuckles, Cannon explains, “It’s time to do some online Christmas shopping, and based off the baby-mama-to-kid ratio, we got a whole h*ll of a lot of gifts to buy.”

Cannon, received lists from each one of his “adorable and jovial offspring” — with aspirational wishes including the entire Los Angeles Lakers team, a dolphin and 12 PlayStation 5 consoles.

“And to start it off, my adorable and jovial offspring gave me a list — Daddy’s got this; it’s gonna be a merry motherf—ing Christmas,” he says with confidence. Typing away at his laptop, Cannon exclaims, “I didn’t get none of this stuff as a kid! Know what my daddy got me? A stick! Used to call me Stick Cannon.”

Cutting to the dad talking on his phone, he says, “No, I can’t afford the whole Lakers. Maybe one of ’em. I could probably purchase one Laker.” The video cuts again, this time to Cannon saying, “All these d*mn gifts, y’all just don’t wanna go to college!” Then he yells, “Twelve PS5s?!? How about I get you a P2 and a half?”

Catch the Nick Cannon’s full spoof ad below.

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