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Nick Cannon Says He Was Pissed Off At Oprah for Interviewing Michael Jackson's Accusers

Nick Cannon: I was Mad at Oprah for Interviewing Michael Jackson's Accusers (Part 8)

In this clip, Nick Cannon explains why the black community in particular is hurt over the tarnished legacies of Bill Cosby, R. Kelly, and Michael Jackson, keeping in mind their signature to the culture and how they were thought of as family.

That leads to a discussion on the potential motivations behind the accusers seen on Leaving Neverland, with Cannon revealing that he was mad at Oprah when she gave them her platform at an ever further cost of Jackson's legacy.

Elsewhere, Cannon clarifies a recent point he made about the reaction to Harvey Weinstein, conceding that even though there's a Sundance documentary that few people have seen, he's still waiting to see his mugshot like everyone else.


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