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Nick Cannon says Mariah Carey tells him not to bring his “Bullsh*t” to Her Home

Updated: May 11, 2023

Nick Cannon revealed that Mariah Carey puts the television host and actor in his place during daily talks.

The singer wants nothing to do with Ex’s foolishness

Nick Cannon shares how his ex-wife, Mariah Carey, feels about his big family “bulls–t

The father of 12 has revealed how he and his Ex-wife Mariah Carey communicate as co-parents to preteen twins. During a conversation on The Jason Lee Show, the 42-year-old opened up about how the Grammy Award-winning singer supports his lifestyle with a dozen children to his name. Cannon often jokes about “having “super sperm” and feeling like he can “impregnate the whole world.”

“She’s high frequency. She always asks me, ‘You aight? How you doin’? You handling it all?'” shared the Masked Singer host, according to Page Six.

Cannon added that the 54-year-old vocalist consistently tells him not to bring “none of that bullsh*t” home and said, “When we talk daily, she’s just checking in on my spirit.”

“She’s like, ‘Yo, let’s make sure we’re on the same page every day so when some bulls–t comes up, we know that it ain’t true,’” the Love Don’t Cost A Thing star explained.

The full interview will air on REVOLT’s linear channels tonight, May 8, at 10 pm ET. Starting Tuesday, May 9, the video will be uploaded to REVOLT’s digital platforms. Find more information here.


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