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Nick Cannon Sings About Wanting Ex-Wife Mariah Carey Back On New Valentine's Day Track ‘Alone’

For the new track, Nick Cannon hits listeners with a love song on Valentine's Day.

Nick Cannon Unleashes New Track Titled ‘Alone’ Sampling Marey Carey's “Love Takes Time.”

Nick Cannon celebrated Valentine’s Day by releasing his new single, “Alone,” which doubles as an ode to his ex-wife Mariah Carey. Sampled of Mariah’s “Love Takes Time,” Nick reveals that he still has feelings for the mother of his twins.

“Alone” is one of 12 R&B tracks from Cannon's forthcoming mixtape, Raw N B The Explicit Tape, which drops Feb. 18.

Listen to Nick Cannon's new single “Alone” below.

“I say I’m cool when I know I miss it/I’d trade it all for the case/If I could have you back/If I could go back to where we started at,” Cannon sings on the emotional track. “As much as I want you back/It’s probably better where you at.”

Stream Cannon’s new single “Alone” now on via Spotify and other major platforms.

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