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Nick Cannon To Write A Book About Suge Knight's Life

Nick Cannon taking on the tremendous venture.

Nick Cannon To Help Suge Knight Write His Autobiography

Suge Knight Denies Signing Life Rights Over To Ray J; Reveals Book w/ Nick Cannon

During a phone call with The Blast, Suge Knight cleared up some details over the previously reported news of signing over his life rights to Ray J. The former mogul is still looking to create some income while he’s in prison, but Ray J isn’t solely in charge.

In the call, Knight clarified that Ray will be handling the music side of things, including the revival of Death Row Records and a forthcoming album.

“Ray J is not just a friend of mine. He’s a little brother, that’s family,” Knight said.

As for the album, Knight didn't give too many details except that he’s heard it and “it’s an incredible album.”


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