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Nicki Minaj on Being a Mother Changed The Way Of Her Raps: “They Are Certain Things I Think Twice”

Nicki Minaj says motherhood inspired her to rethink explicit lyrics.

Nicki Minaj Says She ‘Couldn’t Bring’ Herself to Release Explicit Music Around Papa Bear

The 10-time Grammy nominee and Queens, N.Y. rapper gave birth to her first son with husband Kenneth Petty on Sept. 30, 2020. She recently spoke on The Dana Cortez Show and disclosed that the birth of her baby boy, nicknamed Papa Bear, has caused her to rethink including explicit lyrics in her songs.

“There was a song—my label wanted me to go full out with a single and everything, right, when I was pregnant, and I couldn’t bring myself to put out a song about p-ssy and d-cks and sucking and eating,” she said. “I couldn’t bring myself to put a record out like that while my son was growing in my body.”

In another newly interview on Hot 106, the Queens, N.Y. rhymer opened up about the latest chapter in her life and some of its effects, including how being a mother has changed her creative process when it comes to what type of material she puts out there for her fans.

Minaj explained how she doesn’t necessarily feel comfortable speaking about overtly sexual material anymore in contrast to her earlier works.

“When I was pregnant I didn't feel comfortable with making very sexual records and spitting very sexual verses—I just wasn't there, that's what changed.”

“I listen back to songs now and jokely sometimes i'll be like uh I tell my husband all the time,” Nicki said.

Nicki continued. “Oh my God soon I'm not we ain't gonna be able to play this song and soon i'm not gonna be able to say these things in front of this little one.”

Watch Nick Minaj’s full Hot 106 interview below.


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