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Nicki Minaj Reportedly to Star in Animated Series Based on Dark Horse Comic

The Queen of hip-hop teams up with 50 Cent to executive produce and star in animated TV series Lady Danger.

Onika Minaj is set to star in and executive produce new animated series ‘Lady Danger’

Nicki Minaj becomes a superhero in “Lady Danger” animated TV series from Amazon and 50 Cent.

The 40-year-old Trinidadian-born rapper-singer, songwriter and actress will lead the new Amazon Freevee animation project Lady Danger. The show comes from the Dark Horse Comics series by Archie writer Alex de Campi. 50 Cent is working alongside Nicki, with both listed as executive producers. The series will be part of 50’s G-Unit Film & Television production company. Starburns Industries is the primary animation studio.

On Wednesday (April 12), Deadline reported, Minaj is developing “Lady Danger,” the story takes place in 2075 and follows an “agent who is left for dead by her team after discovering a dangerous secret, only to be resurrected as Lady Danger, an Afrofuturistic ass-kicking Agent of B.O.O.T.I. (Bureau of Organized Terrorism Intervention).” The outlet says the heroine keeps her identity a secret while facing “villains who are destroying the earth and its vulnerable inhabitants.

This will be Minaj's first major film or TV project since voicing Pinky in The Angry Birds Movie 2 in 2019. She also voiced Sugilite in three episodes of the animated series Steven Universe between 2014 and 2016.

Additional executive producers include Carlton Jordan, Crystle Roberson and Brian Sher, as well as Paul Young and Mike Griffin of Make Good Content. Lady Danger will be animated by Starburns Industries, the studio co-founded by actor and producer Dino Stamatopoulos, who famously portrayed Alex "Star-Burns" Osbourne on the cult-favorite NBC sitcom Community.

Fif took to his Instagram to announce the news with a screenshot of Deadline’s headline. “What you doing today, we working @nickiminaj South Side you already know what it is. … I don’t miss,” he wrote.

The series is adapted from the two-part comic book series that debuted from Dark Horse Comics in 2015, created by Alex de Campi with artwork by Mulele Jarvis and John Lucas.

Minaj reacted to 50 Cent Deadline’s post in the comment section, seemingly excited to share the news.

“[big BIG Queens shit.], #QGTM They want action? Tell my n!gg@z cause a scene fully active,” Nicki wrote.


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