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Nicki Minaj Responds to Trina Manager says her hubby going to handle him & still has love for Trina

Nicki Minaj responds after Trina's A&R calls her a "deceiver and manipulator"

Nicki Minaj makes a dramatic return to Queen Radio

”Whoever from trina’s team was talking today, nothing is going to make me stop loving Trina

Nicki briefly addressed the issue on her Queen Radio show on Monday (Aug. 12). “Trina’s camp is pushing the narrative that I didn’t do enough to promote the record,” she said.

She also said that her husband will deal with any man who comes for her. “I can say so much that I don’t. I’m not addressing men any more,” she said. “My husband will address ya’ll. He is dying to address ya’ll. He wants that role. Ni**as will see you face-to-face. That’s a whole fu**ing fact.”


WOW!! Barbz Dragging Trina on Twitter



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