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Nipsey Hussle to Release ‘Marathon Visual Album Experience’ this Friday

Over a decade since its release, Nipsey Hussles estate has announced plans to release a visual album for his 2010 mixtape The Marathon.

Nipsey Hussle's "The Marathon" visual album experience will livestream this Friday

Nipsey Hussle fans can tune in to stream a “visual album experience” titled The Marathon from the late Crenshaw rapper this week.

After teasing the event in December 2020, the estate of Nipsey Hussle has finally has shared the details of The Marathon live album experience. The virtual event will take place on February 5 on YouTube Live Stream. “Celebrating the life of an incredible human, the Marathon Mixtape and the first week of #BlackHistoryYear,” animation studio Oki Doki wrote on Instagram, sharing a clip of a speeding car with the cut “Love?” playing in the background.

In other news, J. Stone, Nipsey's right-hand man, revealed in a recent interview that a new album from Nipsey Hussle will "definitely" happen.


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