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Plies Flames Taco Bell's Chicken Wings: “All You Had To Do Is Call Muthaf*ckin Popeyes”

Plies not feelin’ those Taco Bell chicken wings.

Plies Reacts To Taco Bell Selling Chicken Wings

The Florida-bred rapper and social media entertainer reviews Taco Bell's new 5-piece crispy chicken wings.

On Sunday (Jan. 9), the Florida veteran logged on to his Instagram account to share his disgust in people clamoring to get a bite of the fast food chain’s latest menu─the rapper suggested Taco Bell to call up Popeyes for advice.

“You had one muthaf*ckin job taco bell” [LOL] Plies hilariously reaction. “I should have known when I seen the muthaf*ckin box... This ain't no muthaf*ckin box for no chicken wings man this muthaf*ckin box right here is for sushi

He added. It ain't no muthaf*ckin grease... Taco Bell what the f*ck is this?!

Taco Bell is doing wings. Did anyone ask them to? Absolutely not.

The fast-food chain confirmed Crispy Chicken Wings launched as a new menu option Thursday, and are available after 2 p.m. through Jan. 12.

You can check out the reactions from Twitter below.


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