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Plies Says He’s Starting a Podcast: ‘Y’all Think I Should Do It Solo Or With Somebody Else?’

As podcasts continue to rise in popularity, Plies soon to be the latest hip-hop artist to get into the mix.

Plies Contemplating Starting His Own Podcast: ‘y’all think I should do it’

With Plies being one of hip-hop's most outspoken, intelligent, and funny on IG it's only right that he enters the podcast game. The Fort Myers, Fla. native took to Twitter on Monday (March 8), made the announcement asking his Twitter followers if he should venture into the podcasting world. After receiving a barrage of affirmations, it looks like the rapper will start one up soon.

"Y'all Keep Asking Me About Doing My Own Show/Podcast. Y'all Think I Should Do It Solo Or With Somebody Else?", Plies wrote.

Seems like the idea got a positive reception his fans in full support of it.

So far, there aren't many details about Cudi's podcast. Stay tuned as more information becomes available.


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