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“Prime Time” Deion Sanders wants Lil Wayne to be the next Super Bowl Halftime Show

Deion Sanders says he's calling NFL’s commissioner Roger Goodell to book Lil Wayne for the 2025 Super Bowl LIX.

Deion Sanders wants Weezy in NFL Super Bowl 59 Halftime Show in New Orleans

NFL legend and Colorado head coach Deion Sanders has his thoughts on who should play the halftime show of Super Bowl 59.

Prime Time Deion Sanders pulling some strings and has made it clear that Lil Wayne should perform in the Super Bowl LIX Halftime Show in the rapper's hometown New Orleans next year. 

"@nfl I fully expect @LilTunechi to be apart of the @nflsuperbowl 2025 in New Orleans. Thank u in advance. Much Love, CoachPrime," Sanders tweeted on Sunday.

Lil Wayne has never performed at halftime of a Super Bowl game, but Super Bowl 59 would be a fitting debut given New Orleans is his hometown. New Orleans was initially selected to host Super Bowl 58, but plans were changed due to conflicts with Mardi Gras.

The two-time Super Bowl champion also shared that same sentiment during his conversation with Wayne on his show, Young Money Radio, which aired hours before Super Bowl LVIII. 

Considering Super Bowl LIX is being held in Wayne’s hometown of New Orleans, there’s only one person Sanders wants to see grace the stage.

“I’m already into next year, into New Orleans, and I’m petitioning right now for this young artist — he’s dope. He has to be the halftime performer,” he said while addressing the Young Money hitmaker.

“He’s a bad boy. They may have to give him more time than time allotted ’cause he has so many hits. I know Roger [Goodell, commissioner of the NFL]! I’m gon’ put a phone call into that right now.”

Lil Wayne added: “And you know, JAY-Z got a lot to do with that too. I know him so I’ma talk to him as well. Aw man, we gon’ get this done.”


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