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Puma Reveals More Nipsey Hussle's Collaboration Is In The Works: The Marathon Continues

PUMA Reveals It Will Continue Its Nipsey Hussle Collaboration |

PUMA is continuing its collaborative efforts with the late Nipsey Hussle. Brand and Marketing Global Director Adam Petrick recently announced the news at the Wall Street Journal’s Future of Everything Festival.

Puma Will Honor The Late Nipsey Hussle By Releasing Their Collaboration With The Rapper

Even after his passing on March 31, Crenshaw rapper and philanthropist Nipsey Hussle continues to win for his family and his community.

It was just 11 weeks ago when the “Victory Lap” rapper announced to his five million fans on Instagram that he would be collaborating with Puma to create a collection that would make a huge impact on the hip-hop community.

Hussle was a man with his hands in various different ventures with one of them being a collaboration with PUMA. Back in March, his The Marathon collection with PUMA was revealed with a scheduled release in the Fall. Despite Hussle's death, PUMA has no plans to end the collaboration and will reportedly work with his estate to keep his legacy alive.


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