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Quavo reacts to Chris Brown’s 'Weakest Link' diss song by posting Young Thug in court Meme

Updated: Apr 23

Quavo responded to Chris Brown's vicious diss track Weakest Link with a funny Young Thug meme.

The Miogs rapper appears to respond to Chris Brown's Diss Track using Young Thug's most recent Meme

Quavo seems unbothered by Chris Brown's vicious diss track. The Atlanta rapper posted a funny Young Thug meme that appears to show his reaction to Breezy’s song.

This past weekend, Migos rapper hopped on his Instagram page and posted a funny Young Thug meme possibly in response to Chris Brown's harsh diss track "Weakest Link," which he premiered on Friday (April 19).

On his IG Story, the Migos rapper posted a screenshot of Young Thug in court during his YSL RICO trial staring straight into the camera, looking like he'd had enough of the whole court proceeding. The photo, which can be viewed below, has since gone viral over the past week with people using it to represent their exasperation and frustration.

Quavo have yet to deliver a response track to Breezy's song.


Chris Breezy Brutal Dropped Quavo Diss Track

The song's cover art features a photo of Quavo preparing to take a massive bite out of a hotdog. The feud between the two began in the late 2010s because of tension over Quavo briefly dating Brown's ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran. Shots have been fired between the artists over the years, but Brown revived the beef on his song "Freak" from the deluxe edition of his album 11:11, which Quavo later responded to.

Breezy 'Weakest Link' spitting bars at Quavo for his song "Tender"


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