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rapper Lil Durk released from Jail & Forced to Wear Ankle Monitor

Lil Durk released from jail; Rapper will have curfew, ankle monitor

Lil Durk is officially out of jail!

Nobody's having a happier Friday than Lil Durk ... who skipped and hopped his way outta jail after posting $250k bond in his attempted murder case. 

For starters ... Durk will have a curfew from 11 PM until 7 AM. He'll also have to wear an ankle monitor at all times and he's prohibited from having any contact -- direct or indirect -- with gang members. He also can't be near nor possess any weapons and must stay at least 200 yards away from the victim.

When Lil Durk announced that he would be turning himself in to the police, we didn't know what to expect. The details of his arrest were unclear for a while before it was revealed that he was being charged with attempted murder. Durk was involved in a drive-by shooting earlier this year, which left one man with non-fatal injuries. There is reportedly video footage that exists, showing the rapper pulling the trigger on a man in February, and that appeared to be stopping the jail from releasing him. However, after his formal request was delivered to be let out on bond, Durkio was able to walk free yesterday, being forced to follow a curfew and wear an ankle monitor.


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