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Ray J Gets Vocal Lessons From His Dad Following “One Wish” Verzuz Performance

“One Wish” singer is now taking vocal class from his father.

Ray J Gets Vocal Lessons from His Dad After Verzuz Performance

The R&B singer hit Instagram Live this week where he revealed that he's taking vocal lessons. After his sister Brandy scolded him for not taking his pre-show preparation seriously, Ray revealed that he'll be locking in with his pops to tune up his vocal chops. Ray J shared a video of himself with his pops by the piano, revealing that he wants to be sharp for the Raydemption phase and his forthcoming group efforts.

“First Vocal lesson with my dad! @vocalcoachnorwood after taking the L at @verzuztv - my son Epik doesn't want me to train - he feels I'm better at reality TV and Marketing but I'll show him! Watch!! - Don't laugh - Wanted yall to see my drive and determination! Go on this journey to greatness with me!! LETS GET IT!!! @brandy I won't let you down again,” he captioned the post.

Check out Ray J's vocal session below.

Following the hilarious chaotic event, Ray J, Sammie, Pleasure P, and Bobby V all hopped on Instagram Live for an impromptu recap on Monday (June 27).

The four laughed about their antics and admitted to their bullying after watching the replay of their preshow. Ray J also made the announcement that they’re considering forming a group under the moniker, RSVP—a name Bobby V. claims to have come up with.

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