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Redman Is Now a Certified Licensed Skydiver: “I'm WILDING IN THE SKIES”

Redman is a fully qualified skydiver after passing all the required assessments.

Redman Unveiled He's Now a Licensed Skydiver, Flips Out of Plane

Redman announces he’s now a licensed skydiver after passing his written exam and completing 27 practical lessons.

The Newark, NJ rap veteran took to Instagram on Tuesday (September 6) to share a video of himself jumping out of a plane and flying through the skies at Skydive Spaceland Houston, while thanking his instructor and the rest of the team for their support on his journey to qualification.

“I worked HARD for this !! 27 JUMPS and Studied Hard for my Written Exam and Passed TODAY !!” Redman wrote. “I’m an OFFICIAL A LICENSED SKYDIVER. I’m WILDING IN THE SKIES. Thank You @skydivespaceland_houston For the Experience.”

He continued: “PEDRO your an Excellent Instructor Bro.The Whole SpaceLand Team Thank you..I will See you guys Next time. @skydivesussex Thank you For The Start and Opportunity,I will Be back Jumping In NJ In another Week. GET SUM !!”

Redman received his skydiving license from Skydive Spaceland in Houston. The company also celebrated the New Jersey rapper’s accomplishment on social media. Skydive Spaceland shared a photo of Redman and the employees on Instagram along with the congratulatory statement, “From Christina Aguilera's 'Dirrty' to 'How High' Redman blessed us with his presence while getting his A License! Now he is apart of our SkyFamily forever! Welcome Home!”

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