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Report: If Trump loses and refuses to leave office Biden's federal officials “will escort Trump”

In a way Trump has already conceded defeat by telling supporters he would be huddled with lawyers as soon as voting ends. What remains to be seen is how much more he can hurt the US and the world.

What happens if Trump loses the US election and refuses to leave the White House?

This is the moment of truth that America is facing. Trump is not willing to accept defeat, something that no American President has dared to do so far.

According to The Independent, The US will enter uncharted territory if the president refuses to leave the White House after a clear electoral defeat.

Donald Trump falsely declared victory in the early hours of Wednesday, and said he would go to the Supreme Court to stop vote counting, confirming some Americans worst fears that he would undermine the democratic process. 

So what happens if the president loses and refuses to leave the White House?

Mr Biden has insisted federal officials “will escort [Mr Trump] from the White House with great dispatch” if he loses the election. 

Trump is suing in Michigan and Pennsylvania, and demanding a recount in Wisconsin.

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Nathan Adrian
Nathan Adrian
06 sept. 2022

You select interesting photos for your articles. They illustrate the material well. I hope that through my internship at On Demand I can learn to do the same. I am sure that this is very important when your technique can convey all the subtexts and meanings of your messages.

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