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Rick Ross tells Drake to 'Get Rid of 1978' private jet, & says let's assume you are “Richer Than Me” buy Birdman a new mansion

Rick Ross has shared series of Instagram Stories he sent to Drake on Tuesday.

Rick Ross roasts Drake Boeing 767/Air Drake Plane

Rozay tells Drizzy it's "time to upgrade the [1978] jumbo jet," a.k.a. Air Drake.

The MMG founder has some words for Cash Money mogul, Birdman publicly made it known that he’s riding with Drake amid the Canadian superstar’s ongoing beefs.

Birdman recently stood up for Drake over the weekend, writing alongside a picture of himself and his former YMCMB artist, "I'm ridin with you 4L. I got ur bak." Ross exploited that too.

Ross followed that up with a video when he was on a boat in Miami. While playing a Cash Money song, he pointed to an area in the distance to stay that’s where Birdman’s house “was.” This was most likely a jab at the fact that the property in question was repossessed in 2018 after the music mogul allegedly stopped making payments on it.


On Tuesday (April 16), Rick Ross hopped on Instagram, "White boy, white boy, BBL Drizzy, I got a question," he said, clearly taking delight in the monologue. "I saw you posted you got more money than Ricky Rozay, and let's assume you did. Well your best friend Birdman, his house went into foreclosure five years ago. You done watched that man struggle them five years and ain't get that man a mansion? 'Cause if you got more money than Rozay, what's another 50 million, white boy? White boy, it's [a house] for 40 on Indian Creek, it's one for 50 on Star Island. You got 48 hours white boy, if you got Ricky Rozay money—ain't none of my n***as went in foreclosure."

As far as shots at Air Drake, Ross claimed, "That old-ass jet you got, they gave it to you free, that's a 1978. Be safe on that, Drizzy. ... And anybody getting on it, be safe man, wear your seatbelts and make sure the oxygen thing's in there, 'cause that shit was just for luggage, it wasn't for human beings."

Take a look at Rick Ross' aim a Drake post below:


Ross dropped “Champagne Moments” was itself a response to Drake’s bars on his diss track, which took aim at a number of opponents including Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and of course Ross.


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