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Rick Ross Confirms MMG Returning in 2020

Rick Ross is ready For his MMG Comeback.

Maybach Music family members Rick Ross, Wale, Meek Mill, Gunplay and Fat Trel

MMG captain Rick Ross announced on Twitter “MMG 2020.”

Maybach Music Group delegates Rick Ross and Meek Mill contributed to the song "Routine."

In a recent Hot 97 interview, Wale said of the song, “We didn’t put it on the tracklist because it’s like, ‘Come on this ride with us.’ […] The three-headed monster is back.” When asked what the track sounds like, he responded, “It sounds like a Meek record, he had the direction for it. I think he might have sent it to me… he might have still been locked up when he sent me the record. […] It got the energy. There’s a lot of mid-tempo and a lot of deep songs on the album, and I just wanted to break the monotony of that.”

Wale also said he has “like 17 records with Ross, and maybe like ten with Meek,” so expect more music from some combination of these three in the future.

Listen to “Routine” above.

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