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Rick Ross does his own version of the Crate Challenge with Luc Belaire Cases

Miami rap mogul is putting his own spin on the viral trend with something he calls the “Luc Belaire Case Challenge,” which is named after his champagne brand.

Ricky Rozay joined in on the latest viral challenge

Rick Ross shared a video of himself on Wednesday climbing atop a gradual stack of boxes of Luc Belaire champagne. Instead of milk crates, Ross stacked cases of Belaire champagne and Villon cognac in a gym and proceeded to climb them.

"Biggest Boss in the game, Ricky Rozay. I've been called out. This is the Luc Bel-Air case challenge," the rapper said before climbing up a pretty short stack of wine bottle cases. The clip, unfortunately, doesn't show Rick Ross making it to the bottom but he's clearly trying to create a more luxe experience if you choose to test your balance.

Peep the video below via on our official twitter account @hiphopcnation.


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