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Rick Ross launches Thighstop, to stay competitive Amid Chicken Wing Shortage

Rick Ross new Wingstop commercial releases.

Rozay To Launch ’Thighstop’

There is a chicken wing shortage in our midst, so prices are up, according to USA TODAY.

The "new thigh concept" will be available at more than 1,400 locations nationwide and is addressing the "consumer's fear of a chicken wing shortage head-on," the company said in a release provided by Thighstop spokesperson Megan Sprague.

In response to the nationwide chicken wing shortage Wingstop is giving its customers another part of the bird to love. is a new virtual offering selling thighs tossed in the same classic 11 flavors that made Wingstop a hit across the country, and it’s available for delivery through the brand’s exclusive partner DoorDash. Rick Ross has already given the menu, which includes breaded boneless thighs, his stamp of approval.

In 2019, Wingsider confirmed that Rick Ross is a franchise owner of 28 Wingstop restaurants, and he's helping the company launch its first virtual brand: Thighstop.

The latest of Ross’ food adventures, may continue to evolve, depending on profitability. Can he influence more fans to love chicken thighs? Future food reviews will probably hold answers to this finger-licking question.

“I had my first lemon pepper thigh and it took me to the next level,” he tells ESSENCE.“We might as well prepare for the thigh shortage because it’s finna be like that!”

The “Miami” rapper is helping the company and the restaurant industry address a genuine problem. The national shortage has seen the price of chicken wings soar. “The [wholesale] price of wings a year ago was as low as 98 cents [per pound],” Wingstop’s chairman and CEO, Charlie Morrison told CNN Business. “Today, it’s at $3.22.”

Thighs are cheaper and that’s why the chain is encouraging people to hop online and choose from their bone-in or boneless cuts and 11 different flavors, which DoorDash will deliver.


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