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Rick Ross reveals "What's Free" were originally his song removes Diddy to replace Meek Mill & Jay-Z

Rick Ross on giving Whats Free to Meek Mill

Rick Ross Talks About Giving Whats Free To Meek Mill On #CRWN w/ @ElliottWilson

Ross verse on "What's Free"

"Screamin' gang gang now you wanna rap," spits Ross, in peak boss form. "Racketeering charges caught em' on the tap/ Lookin' for a bond, lawyers wanna tax, purple hair got them fa**ots on your back." Clearly, Ross is addressing 6ix9ine's legal conundrum, albeit with a merciless take; one has to wonder if 6ix9ine is being made into a cautionary tale, or simply scorned for his reckless behavior. In any case, it's nice to hear the Boss once again, especially in such esteemed company as this. 

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