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Rick Ross says he’ll get Drake, Wayne, Pusha & Kanye On a Song together by Next Year

Rick Ross Opens Up On Missing Pusha T Verse, 'Coming To America 2' & Drake vs Kanye West Beef

In a new interview with Hot 97, Rick Ross has addressed Pusha's absence, confirming (after similar comments from Pusha's team) that the verse was cleared. The decision to not include it, he said Friday, simply came down to not feeling the long-awaited bringing together of these two icons would have been organic enough under these circumstances.

“What’s so dope about it is that both verses were cleared from both parties,” explains Renzel (16 minute mark), upon being asked by Rosenberg. "But like I said, it was more about the bigger picture, is this gonna move them two getting together & closer. Im'a take the charge for that. I didn’t feel like it was the time for that. I got the record done. I got Wayne verse first, I got Push verse. I wanted to bring them together either way or at least spark that conversation. Cause it's gon' come, and I feel like next year I'm going to be a part of that, when that Drake, Wayne, Kanye West, Pusha record come together." Damn Ross. "I'm a big dreamer, it's the boss!"

Watch the Full Interview above.


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