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Rick Ross thinks Jada Pinkett Smith “needs counseling” following shocking stories of ‘Worthy’ book

Apparently, Rick Ross doesn't have Jada Pinkett Smith's memoir 'Worthy' on his reading list.

Ricky Rozay weighs in on ‘Psychologically Lost’ Jada Pinkett Smith

Rick Ross has been very vocal about Jada Pinkett Smith’s recent comments regarding her marriage with Will Smith, Tupac Shakur, and more.

While speaking with Rolling Stone, the MMG founder was asked about his "Entanglements" collaboration with August Alsina, who was romantically linked to actress Jada Pinkett Smith in the last decade.

When questioned about his thoughts on Pinkett Smith's book tour, Ross had less than kind words to say about the Worthy author.

“I don’t think I agree with Jada Pinkett. To me, she’s psychologically lost and needs some counseling,” Ross said. “Jesus! What you going to tell us next? When you tell us you haven’t been together in six years, you haven’t had sex in this many years, you don’t have a prenuptial agreement — OK, what’s next?”

Rick Ross added that he heard Pinkett Smith's memoir “flopped,” despite it debuting at No. 3 on the New York Times Best Seller list upon its October 17 release.

“No one cares. That’s what they don’t understand. Sometimes as celebrities you can get out of touch,” Ross said, believing that the book was unsuccessful.

Rick Ross also spoke on Pinkett Smith’s acting career and Will’s seeming change in demeanor. He said, “I heard the book flopped because she already told us everything. No one cares. That’s what they don’t understand. Sometimes, as celebrities, you can get out of touch. Will Smith isn’t the same Will Smith as he was 20 years ago. Jada Pinkett… come on, Jada! Chill out, baby! You were in the movie Set It Off, and that’s all we know you from. You got $15K for that role, and that’s it. Calm down.”


In addition to Rick Ross been vocal about Pinkett Smith, Last month Ricky Rozay expressed a change of heart about tying the knot one day. During an Instagram Live, the “Hustlin’” hitmaker shared that he was taken aback by the fact that they didn’t sign a prenup, particularly when it came to the pair’s difference in net worths. The MMG boss said while addressing Jada, “What’s your credit score? What’s your beacon score? We don’t believe you was worth $50 million.”

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