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Rihanna not Feeling Jay-Z's Partnership Deal With the NFL Unfollowed Tidal & Cosigns a Post

Rihanna apparently disapproves of Jay-Z's NFL Deal

Rihanna Cosigns a Post Blasting Jay Z and NFL Deal

Social activist Shaun King, who wrote a disapproval, post on Instagram critiquing the move. ]

Rihanna liked an Instagram post, captioned ”Jay Z was wrong,“ from Shaun King, in which he called out Jay for partnering with the NFL despite being one of Kaepernick’s most vocal supporters in the past. While Rihanna quickly unliked the image, gossip account @theneighborhoodtalk captured the image for all to see. She also unfollowed Tidal and followed Spotify.

Click link to Watch Eric Reid rips Jay-Z over Kap remarks, deal with NFL [VIDEO]



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