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Shaq and Snoop Dogg Comments On Voting For The First Time Ever

Snoop and Shaq discusses the upcoming election and voting for the first time in 2020.

Shaq and Snoop revealed that they never voted prior to this year

During an episode of “The Big Podcast with Shaq” published Wednesday, O'Neal told his co-hosts that he had just sent in an absentee ballot for the 2020 election. He said he had never done so before:

“Ladies and gentlemen, I have a confession. You know I always like being honest on my podcast. I’ve never voted before, America. But now I’m doing all these voting campaigns, and you know one thing I never like to do is be a hypocrite. So the other day, I got my absentee ballot. ... In other words America, I voted for the first time, and it feels good.
“I’m honest. I’ve never voted before in my life. This is my first time voting. I promise you.”

Voting can be a tough decision to make, especially if you don't feel strongly about either candidate. However, with the US' current political situation in mind, voting has never been more crucial.

Snoop Dogg on voting for the first time.

Well first of all I was always told that I had a felon criminal record I couldn't vote. So once I did a little research I found out that's not the case, I can vote.”

Check out the entire third episode of Club Shay Shay with Snoop Dogg below:


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