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Shaq links up with the “Hawk Tuah” girl in Nashville

The former four-time champ ran into a fellow viral meme star, the famous “Hawk Tuah” girl during a night out in Nashville.

Shaquille O’Neal shares snaps with viral sensation “Hawk Tuah” girl on Instagram

Shaquille O’Neal took to his DJ Instagram account on Monday (July 1), as Dj Diesel, the NBA icon shocked his followers with two photos taken in Nashville featuring the “Hawk Tuah” girl aka Hailey Welch.

Shaq also known as DJ Diesel, electrified the internet with two captivating photos alongside the mysterious “Hawk Tuahgirl, presumably Hailey Welch, during an encounter in Nashville, Tennessee.

Shaq Captioned, “Guess who I found in Nashville…,” igniting a frenzy as the internet scrambles to uncover the social media identity of theHawk Tuahgirl.


In the photos below, from several celebrities. Steve Aoki noted, “She's already a legend! That's dope,” while Afrojack humorously chimed in with, “Haaaa.”

Additionally, Chelsea Bradford, Hailey’s closest friend, shared an Instagram story showing the duo partying with “Mr. Shaq.”


The Nashville woman who went viral with her tip for winning men over in the bedroom continues her rise in pop culture.

The “Hawk Tuah” girl is making the most of her 15 minutes of fame. Last month, Hailey Welch went viral when she appeared in one of those “guys with microphones stand outside of bars and ask drunk people silly questions” videos. When asked by Tim & Dee TV for one move in bed that makes a man go crazy every time, she replied, “You gotta give ’em that ‘hawk tuah’ and spit on that thang” (you really need to watch the video for the full effect). Since then, the “Hawk Tuah” girl, as she’s been dubbed, has sold thousands of dollars in merch and supposedly been courted by Hollywood talent agencies.

Welch also joined Zach Bryan during the Nashville stop on his The Quittin Time Tour over the weekend. She performed “Revival,” a song from the country star’s 2020 album Elisabeth, and even gave the crowd an enthusiastic “hawk tuah!” before leaving the stage. You can watch the video below.


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