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Shaq trolls Drake on Instagram out of nowhere

Shaquille O'Neal trolls Drizzy Drake with edited bikini image amidst rapper's feud with Kendrick Lamar.

Shaq trolls Drizzy’s with photoshopped Bikini Photo and "BBL Drizzy" song

Shaq posted photoshopped Drake in a bikini in hilarious Instagram jab amid Kendrick Lamar feud.

Nearly a week after K. Dot live-streamed “The Pop Out” concert in Los Angeles, where he debuted his Drake diss tracks live, the 37-year-old Canadian rapper finds himself catching a stray from unexpected places. Shaquille O'Neal has now joined in, taking a shot at Drake with a peculiar meme.

On Saturday, (June 22), The former NBA legend once again shows off his sense of humor with a bizarre post on Instagram.

Shaq shared a photoshopped picture of himself on a yacht embracing Drake, who is seen wearing a bikini, to his Instagram Story. He also used Metro Boomin’s edit of “BBL Drizzy” as the song for the post


Fans on social media at a loss after posting an edited photo of Drake's face over a woman wearing a bikini that the NBA legend was embracing. He soundtracked the post with Metro Booomin's "BBL Drizzy." The original picture stems from a trip Shaq took to Spain in 2019, but there are conflicting reports about the identity of the woman. Some outlets have claimed her to be model Danielle Dilworth.


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