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Singer YK Osiris loses $325,000 Diamond Earring, Offering a 60k reward for the return

The singer is seeking the public's help in getting back his lost diamond earring.

YK Osiris is offering a $60,000 reward for anyone who finds his lost earring worth $325,000

Osiris hopped to Instagram Story on Monday (December 20), To revealed that he lost a pair of earrings. "Please if anybody finds my other earring, can u return them please," the singer pleaded on IG. He has since spoken to The Shade Room in another effort to recover the lost earring.

“I really lost one of my earrings, I’m sick,” he wrote on his IG stories. “Please if anybody finds my other earring, can you return them please? I’m never getting another pair again. I can’t believe this shit.”

The Jacksonville-Fla singer is now offering a cool $60,000 reward to anyone who finds the missing jewelry. Maybe the young artist will take this loss as a lesson learned and make better financial decisions in the future.

Shortly after sharing the IG Story posts, YK Osiris posted a video to his page, pleading for help in recovering his pricey item.

"Listen, if anybody out there got integrity, can you please give me my earring back?" he began. "These not no cheap earrings. It's a lot of money. I will give you a reward for it. Whatever you want. Can you please just give me my earring back? Thank you."


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