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Lil Wayne is set to join Skip Bayless for a weekly segment on FS1’s ‘Undisputed’

Lil Wayne will host with Skip Bayless on ‘FS1’ show Undisputed on a weekly basis once the show returns following Shannon Sharpe’s exit.

Lil Wayne officially make weekly ‘Undisputed’ appearances, Skip Bayless say

Skip Bayless announces Lil Wayne to make appearance on FS1's ’Undisputed’ every Friday.

Bayless revealed on his podcast on Thursday (Aug. 3), that his friend, rapper Lil Wayne, will have a weekly segment on the show each Friday.

“My brother Wayne is at least into the relaunch as I am,” Bayless said.

“He is heart and soul into the relaunch.”

Bayless said the rapper may not always be in the show’s Los Angeles studio given his touring schedule, but that he will be on the show each week for a 12-15 minute segment.

“If he’s hot, if he’s rolling, who knows, maybe we’ll keep him for a segment, if he has the time,” Bayless said.

“That you can look forward to. He is so deep when it comes to sports. He doesn’t yell or scream, but he does get emotional. And you hang on his every word because trust me he has thought through every single word.

“I like to think that I see things and say things that others don’t. Wayne is my match. That’s why I love him so much. That’s why we text so much about sports. We’re kindred spirits, but we do see things differently, but very deeply.”


The announcement comes less than two months after Shannon Sharpe bid a tearful farewell on Undisputed after seven years on the FS1 debate show. Reports of his imminent departure surfaced weeks prior amid alleged tension between Sharpe and Skip.

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