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Snoop Dogg And Kevin Hart to host a Peacock Unscripted Series on the world's dumbest criminals

Snoop Dogg Is developing a series about the world’s dumbest criminals alongside a comedy-sports news show with Kevin Hart.

Snoop Dogg announces two new series in the works including a comedy sports news show with Kevin Hart

Snoop Dogg is slated to star in two upcoming series on NBC Universal’s streaming service Peacock, according to Deadline.

Deadline reported that Hart called Snoop “the man, the myth and the legend” during his presentation, before sharing that his Laugh Out Loud Network is “working on some more hilarious content that will be coming to you soon.”

Together, the rapper and comedian are also set to host a comedy sports show that’s also in the development stages. Hart said his team at the Laugh Out Loud network are “working on some more hilarious content that will be coming to you soon.”

Snoop posted the news on Instagram, with Kevin Hart adding, “Let’s gooooooo @snoopdogg ….Me & my team at @lolnetwork are hype as hell to be developing this with you. Operation blow people away is officially in session….let’s go Unc.”

Snoop will also be bringing his own story to life but it won't be in the form of a biopic. The legendary West Coast figure unveiled plans of an anthology series that will dive deep into his life including his family's history.

"I want to take my time and make sure that I've put together the right infrastructure of how I became me — you know, the people that inspire me, my upbringing, my mother, my father, my friends, community influences, inspirations that shaped and molded me," he explained. "I don't see it being a biopic, because I can't give all of this great information and entertainment in two hours."

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