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Snoop Dogg announces new album “Missionary” produced by Dr. Dre

Snoop Dogg working with Dr. Dre on 'Missionary' album.

Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre to reunite for new album “Missionary

The two West Coast legends are linking up once again for a new album.

In a conversation with Stephen A. Smith on the K[no]w Mercy podcast, Snoop confirmed the name of the forthcoming project, which will produced by Dr. Dre.

On (September 30), Snoop Dogg was the guest on sports commentator Stephen A. Smith's podcast, Know Mercy With Stephen A. Smith. During the chat, Snoop talked about his three-decade plus relationship with Dre and revealed the two have been working on a new album that will be complete by next month.

This coming November will mark 29 years since Snoop and Dre joined forces on the former’s first album Doggystyle, which extended the winning partnership they formed on 1992’s The Chronic — to record-breaking sales.

“I’ma tell you this, you’re the first one to hear this: me and Dr. Dre have been working on an album for the past two months,” Snoop said at the 34:30 mark.

“And it’ll be done in November. It’s produced by Dr. Dre, it’s our 30th anniversary to Doggystyle. And the name of the album is Missionary.”

When Smith asked: “Why that name?” Snoop replied: “The first album was Doggystyle,” prompting a roar of laughter from the sports personality. “That is beautiful. I love it, man,” Smith commented.

Listen to the Stephen A. Smith's entire Interview with Snoop Dogg below.


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