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Snoop Dogg calls Stephen Curry “Closest NBA player” to Kobe Bryant

Snoop Dogg names Stephen Curry the closest to the late Kobe Bryant in today's NBA.

Snoop Dogg tells Stephen A. that Steph Curry is the “current NBA star” who reminds him most of Kobe Bryant

Snoop Dogg believes Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry the closest player to Kobe Bryant in today’s NBA.

The Long Beach rap legend appeared during an ESPN NBA broadcast, drew the comparison as a guest on Stephen A’s World on Wednesday (April 12). When asked who reminds him most of the late Kobe Bryant in today’s game, he admitted it was a hard question, but ultimately made the case for the Bay Area 4-time NBA champion.

“That’s a hard question because I don’t really see nobody with that, you know, killer instinct. The closest that I say would be Steph Curry,” the legendary artist explained.

“Because Steph Curry got that killer instinct when it’s time for the playoffs, when it’s time for the big game, he wants the big shot, he ain’t afraid of the big shot, he steps up to the challenge, he’s never considered the best but he’s always the best when it’s time to be the best.”

The Doggfather, a lifelong Lakers fan, abandoned any physical or stylistic comparisons and went right for Kobe’s legendary “killer instinct.”


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