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Snoop Dogg embraces his dancing Memes following his Verzuz battle with DMX

Swizz Beatz says more than 2.7M people tuned last night for Snoop Dogg and DMX’s Verzuz Battle.

During the match, both men ran through their hits, praising each other and jumping on each other’s songs the entire time. DMX said he was inspired by Snoop to write “Get at Me Dog,” and later, sang along to Nate Dogg’s hook on “Ain’t No Fun.”

Snoop Dogg is having fun with his own dancing videos, viral MashUp's

Check out Snoop's dancing Memes below,

“It was a EPIC night,” Swizz Beatz commented afterwards on Instagram. “The culture wins again. Good vibes. Thx X and Snoop.”

Later that night, the official Verzuz Twitter account posted a screenshot following their matchup showing that more than 2,002,543 viewers had tuned into the livestream.

[Snoop captioned] I’m the new dancer.


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