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Snoop Dogg hires a Fake Snoop “Doop Snogg” for an NFT Event in New York City

Snoop Dogg reacts to an impersonator “Doop Snogg” confusing fans at New York City NFT Event.

Meet Doop Snogg impersonator for Snoop Dogg who walked around NFT​.NYC

Recently, A reporter at NFT.NYC conference in Times Square noticed a man who he initially thought was The Doggfather. It was only after attempting to get a quote from him that he was told that the person was only dressed like Snoop and had hired the guards to make it more convincing.

“I’m at the NFT NYC conference again in Times Square, ad Snoop walked by, flanked by security,” NBC News reporter Kevin Collier tweeted. “I grabbed his handler, said I’m a reporter, would love a few minutes. The guy said actually that’s an impersonator, legally can’t say it’s him, they hired him to drum up excitement.”

Fan who grabbed a selfie with the fake Snoop Dogg posted a photo to Twitter rocking the “Doop Snogg” nametag attached to his silver chain and Collier confirmed that’s who he ran into at the event.

Some fans were pissed to see the rip-off Snoop at the event as they felt it only added validity to the theory that NFTs were a scam in itself.

Snoop tweeted “Doop Snogg” in response to reporter.


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