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Snoop Dogg introduces his own ‘ICON’ Chips with Rap Snacks

Exclusive: Rap Snacks unveils new flavor for Snoop Dogg ‘ICON.’

Snoop Dogg Is the Latest to Land New "Rap Snacks" Flavor

Rap Snacks is expanding its brand with the help of one of the biggest names in the game ─ the West Coast rap legend teams with Rap Snacks for New Flavor Potatoe chips.

Rap Snacks, the company behind Snoop's first-ever potato chip flavor, has officially announced his brand-new seasoning. The chips are called “O.G. Barbecue N Cheddar Icon Rap Snacks”

On Saturday (July 16), the official Instagram of Rap Snacks stated in a release, “New @snoopdogg O.G. Barbecue N Cheddar #Icon RAP SNACKS‼️Coming soon to a store near you!!! Comment if you’re excited about this flavor and partnership 📱🔥 #RapSnacks #wearetheculture #blackbusiness.”

Minutes later, The Doggfather used his Instagram account to announce he's getting his own Rap Snacks flavor, Repost from Master P. “Stay focused, be relentless and do whatever it takes to master your craft,” Snoop wrote.

“New @snoopdogg O.G. Barbecue N Cheddar @officialrapsnacks#Icons Go get yours, in stores everywhere. #GODisgood#wearetheculture

Snoop added. “The more we make the more we give.

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