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Snoop Dogg & Kevin Hart Does a 2021 ReCap of “Hood Olympics” aka Crate Challenge

“Do you know this was started by some crackheads right,” [Snoop said].

Snoop Dogg Tells Kevin Hart: “The Crackheads Told The Dope Dealers If I Do This You Give Me A 20 Rock”

From the ‘Horse Crip Walking’ phenomenon of Olympic Highlights, to the newfound ‘Hood Olympics’ scaling pyramids of crates, 2021 brought us some of the most viral social media moments of all time. Feeling out of the loop? Have no fear, Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart are here to recap the most viral videos of the year with their own surprise twist on Island Boys.

Watch Snoop and Hart react to Top Viral videos of the year only on Peacock.


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