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Snoop Dogg reacts to Flight attendant hilariously fooled by lookalike

Snoop Dogg himself, who posted it on his Instagram page reacted with laughing and shrug emojis.

Snoop Dogg laughs off lookalike on a Southwest flight to Fort Lauderdale, Fl

Passengers, Flight attendant pose with Snoop Dogg lookalike.

A Southwest Airlines flight attendant who thought she met Snoop Dogg on a flight is being roasted online after the “rapper” turned out to be an ordinary passenger.

In a now-viral 45-second clip taking to Twitter X on Tuesday (Jan. 17.), a flight attendant can be seen posing for a photo with who she thought was Snoop Dogg.

The Snoop Dogg ''lookalike'' who was mistaken for the West Coast legend certainly didn’t do anything to correct her, posing for the pic and being egged on by his cousin behind the camera.

The flight attendant wasn’t the only one fooled, as the clip also shows a few other people posing with the lookalike as well.

"Man these people taking pics with my cousin, because they said he look like Snoop Dogg," the person recording wrote. "Ya'll know I was instigating the sh**t." Little did they know that the man in question was not the Grammy-winning artist. But rather a lookalike who graciously played along with the unexpected celebrity moment.


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