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Snoop Dogg recalls the final moments with long-time friend Tupac Shakur during a tense light

The Long Beach native has admitted that he “didn’t like” 2Pac‘s classic diss track “Hit ‘Em Up.” while sitting down with Big Boy for an “Untold Stories” interview.

Snoop Dogg explained why he “didn’t like 2PAC’s ‘Hit ‘Em Up’ diss track

Snoop Dogg weighs in on his five-hour private flight with Death Row Records that no-one would speak to him. He recalls, hiding a knife and fork underneath his blanket in case anyone attempted to attack him.

The West Coast legend said he and Tupac were on great terms prior before his passing, but complimentary comments he made about Diddy and Biggie days later changed that.

“Man, I’d say a week before he died, we was best of friends. Two days before he died, I don’t think he liked me,” he explained. “Because we was in New York and shit had happened. New York n***as had shot at me and did all kinds of shit to me, just the worst shit you could think of, and I forgave ’em.

Snoop continued. “Then I went and did an interview and was asked how did I feel about Puffy and Biggie. I was like, ‘I like them n***as I wanna do some music with ’em.’

“And that just rubbed cuz the wrong way, like, ‘N***as, fuck them n***as, them n***as tried to kill me. N***as shot at you, and you talking about you wanna do a song with them n***as?'”

He continued: “I wasn’t thinking about [2Pac’s] emotions, I was thinking about the way I felt at the time. I wasn’t into no controversy. I liked them n***as’ music, they was our friends, we was all friends at one point. “There’s video footage of all of us hanging out. ‘Pac, Biggie, Puff, Suge [Knight], all of us together prior to Death Row, just on some regular shit. So that to me, I never seen myself getting involved.”

Check out The Untold Stories of Snoop Dogg above.


Revisit Tupac Shakur ‘Hit 'Em Up’ Biggie/Bad Boy diss track.

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