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Snoop Dogg Says He Charges $250k For A Verse and Another $250k for Music Video

“About $250,000,” Snoop responded when asked what his going rate is these days.

Snoop Dogg Reveals His Rate For Feature Verses

The Death Row Records owner has revealed the incredible price he charges for features.

While speaking with Snoop Dogg on the latest episode of the Full Send Podcast, the West Coast legend revealed how much he charges for a feature with "additional charges" for a music video.

He revealed that a guest appearance on a song is $250,000 for 16 bars. However, that cost goes up if he appears in the music video as well.

“You'll get about 16 bars,” he said. “And if you want him in the music video, it will cost another $250k, but you better move fast. “And you only got an hour, so get to filming,” said Snoop.

Check out the full episode of the Full Send Podcast below.

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