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Snoop Dogg Taking Legal Action against ‘Snoop on a Stoop’ Christmas Elf Doll

Snoop Dogg plans to sue the company behind the ‘Snoop on a Stoop’ Xmas Elf Doll.

The Anonymous Creator Of ‘Snoop on a Stoop’ Is In ‘Hot Water’ Facing a Lawsuit

This holiday season, a Snoop doll has caught everybody’s attention on the internet─The doll, which sits down with a blunt in its mouth, wearing sunglasses and wearing an elf outfit.

According to buyers’ is meant to be funny and hilarious for the Christmas season. However, the West Coast rap legend did not find it funny. The wholesome Elf on the Shelf doll, which has been named ‘Snoop on a Stoop,’ the New York Post reported.

Multiple online retailers are reportedly, currently selling varyingly dressed takes on the concept — but none are authorized by the rapper himself, who took to Twitter on Saturday (December 18), to blast the company whoever created this action figure.

“I have no connection to the SNOOP ON A STOOP product and will be taking legal action against those making it and whoever is selling it,” Snoop Dogg tweeted Sunday. Representatives for the actor and entrepreneur did not immediately return The Post’s request for comment.

The Snoop Dogg elf doll was first introduced in November─Later, a bigger version was added to the collection. The dolls are handmade with 3D printed heads.

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