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Snoop Dogg Teases Bad Boy & Death Row Collab On Drink Champs: “I'm Suge & Puffy”

It’s a new era for Death Row Records.

Snoop Dogg Details Plans For Death Row And Bad Boy Partnership “Shut The F*"K Up & Stop Being Brainwashed I Love Puff and his Kids”

Recently, N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN dropped a teaser for the upcoming episode, which found Snoop giving more insight into the partnership.

“We can show growth and progression that we can move forward,” Snoop explained. “We can take this Bad Boy x Death Row what it used to be, and make it a collaboration on peace and love. ’Cause that’s who I am. I’m Suge and Puffy.”

Later in the teaser, he also responded to those critiquing his decision to join forces with Diddy and Bad Boy, particularly in light of the historic beef between both factions during the ’90s. “Shut the fu*k up and stop being brainwashed. I love Puff, I love his kids. Now, n**"a what’s happening? I own Death Row so I do what the fu*k I want to do,” Snoop added.

Over 20 plus years ago Suge Knight and Death Row Records turned their back on Snoop when he tried to make peace with Puff Daddy and The Notorious B.I.G.

You can watch the trailer below. Snoop’s Drink Champs episode will drop later this week.

Snoop’s desire to mend the relationship between the two labels was revealed years prior to him attaining ownership of Death Row in 2016, Snoop recalled an instance in which he and Death Row co-founder Marion “Suge” Knight discussed possibly ending their longstanding feud with Bad Boy. However, Snoop revealed that Knight refused to mend his relationship with Diddy or the label. “It made me feel fu*ked up because you see me trying to reach out and show love and this is the message that you send,” Snoop said at the time. “And, then slowly but surely, they turned on me because they seen I wasn’t with the business move. I wasn’t with the bullsh*t. I was with the realness […] I was going through sh*t like, ‘I’m trying to live. Y’all n***as trying to die.’”


Snoop’s attempt to make amends was during a time when the Coolaid rapper just had his son and was on his way to being the father of a second child. It was also a time when the East Coast versus West Coast rivalry was heating up, resulting in the deaths of Biggie and Tupac Shakur. “I’m trying to live, y’all niggas trying to die,” the 50-year-old Long Beach rapper says of Death Row‘s scandalous activities that landed Suge Knight behind bars.

“Just to share this with you and y’all, when he was locked up, it was a pivotal moment where I wanted to go see him and I couldn’t see him because they shut the visiting down,” Snoop says. “But I was able to get on the phone with him and I was like, ‘Cuz, why don’t you let me shake Biggie and Puffy’s hand on TV and end this so we can figure out a way to move forward?'”

According to Snoop, his want to extend an olive branch to Puff and Big was met with a stern “Fuck them bitch ass niggas” from one of Knight’s cohorts.

“Then slowly but surely, they turned on me because they seen I wasn’t with the business, I wasn’t with the bullshit,” he recalls.


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