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Snoop Dogg Teases Upcoming Biopic: “Coming To a Theatre Near You”

Snoop Dogg gives update on his Universal biopic directed by Allen Hughes.

Film Director Allen Hughes shares update on Untitled Snoop Dogg Biopic

Snoop Dogg’s biopic is reportedly “one step closer” to the big screen as director Allen Hughes confirmed that the movie about the Long Beach, Calif. native is set to begin production imminently.

While speaking to a publication on Tuesday night (April 18), at the premiere of his upcoming FX docuseries Dear Mama, which chronicles the lives of late rapper Tupac Shakur and his mother Afeni Shakur, Film Director Allen Hughes said that Snoop's biopic is next on his schedule and he is super excited to start the project this summer.

“That's next. We're starting this summer. I'm so excited,” Hughes told Variety.

An Emmy and Peabody award nominee, Allen Hughes whose filmography includes 'Menace II Society', 'Dead Presidents', 'The Book of Elia' and 'The Defiant Ones' - will direct the yet-to-be-titled biopic.

Last November, it was announced that the Universal movie is the first film produced by Death Row Pictures, following Snoop's acquisition of Death Row Records in 2022.

“He surprised me with that biopic,” Film Director said of signing on to the film, which is billed as the "definitive" take on Snoop's life and career.

But who's playing Snoop? “That's the million dollar question,” Hughes added, joking, “It'll probably be a Brit.”

The Doggfather also shared his excitement for the film, with a script in the works from Joe Robert Cole, co-writer of both 'Black Panther' films.

“With the biopic, I'm looking forward to people seeing this right here, this love story,” Snoop said, hugging his wife Broadus closely. “To see the love that I have for my music career, the people that have inspired me to love, just watching it all unfold. Coming to a theatre near you.”



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