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Snoop Dogg Trolls Snitches with RED CAP “Make Snitches Get Stitches Again” Aims at Tekashi 6ix9ine

Snoop Dogg Appears To Keep Trolling Tekashi 6ix9ine With Snitching Hat Post.

West Coast rap legend won't stop and he is having too much fun with this.

Make America Great Again motto for a direct message to snitches.

Snoop Dogg's IG essentially operates as a meme page, It's very likely that Snoop doesn't even own this hat, but just stumbled upon it online and felt the urge to repost. Either way, we know where Uncle Snoop stands on the topic of snitches and on snitchy Tekashi in particular.

This week, Uncle Snoop Instagram posted with a plea for snitches to face repercussions in 2019.


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