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Soulja Boy claims he's the First rapper he made everybody wear “BAPE” in Hip-Hop History

Soulja Boy wants his roses while he can still smell them “Big Soulja” has hit the internet with a bold new claim about being the first rapper to wear “Bape.”

Soulja Boy Claims He "Changed The Whole Music Industry" Becoming First Rapper To Start Bathing Ape Wave

Big Dracko is claiming another historical moment in hip hop.

On Thursday, (April 7) “She Make It Clap” rapper is seemingly at the forefront of another major break, and it’s right up his alley. According to Soulja Boy he is the first rapper to start bathing ape trend. “I made these n*gg*z wanna wear BAPE”, Draco tweeted.

However, some of his 5.2M followers thinks [otherwise], see what twitter had to say below.

Comment below, Who do you think started Bathing Ape trend?

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