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Soulja Boy × McDonald's collab might be happening: “SouljaBurger”

Soulja Boy possibly dropping a McDonald's collab soon.

Soulja Boy reveals its billion-dollar idea with McDonald's

Soulja Boy wants to partnered up wth McDonald's on the 'SouljaBurger.'

Back in 2020, we've seen McDonald's partnered up with Korean boy band BTS, Travis Scott, International sensation J Balvin, and more. Could Soulja Boy be the next entertainer to land a major deal with the fast-food restaurant chain?

On Tuesday (July 6), Soulja Boy fired off a pair of tweets at McDonald’s, informing the fast-food chain giant he wanted to run a proposal by them.

“I got a billion dollar idea,” he wrote. “@McDonalds trust me.”

McDonald’s wrote back, “I’m listening” and Soulja then explained, “The SouljaBurger but the secret is in the ingredients I’ll dm them to you trust me this will go VIRAL!”

Soulja Boy is apparently dreaming about doing something similar. At least one thing’s certain for now — McDonald’s is listening.

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