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Soulja Boy Says It's Time To End Facebook, Instagram Come To "Soulja Boy App"

Though it's hard to imagine any reasonable person being truly upset about a Facebook outage, regardless of how long said outage lasts, that was presumably the case for at least a few people when the social media platform briefly went down Wednesday.

To alleviate any ensuing existential concerns, Soulja Boy promptly stepped up to offer his services. "This is unacceptable," Soulja said, noting that the Mark Zuckerberg creation presently operates with a lot of money behind it.

Of course, a slightly more unfortunate byproduct of a Facebook outage is often an accompanying Instagram outage.

From there, Soulja Boy directed fans to wait out the outage by joining him on the official Soulja Boy app. A quick perusal of the service's reviews on the App Store suggests the app isn't exactly a new release, but it's hard to deny Soulja's excellent timing with this push.


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