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Sources: ASAP Ferg reportedly kicked out of “ASAP Mob” group for releasing trash music

A$AP Mob member ASAP Bari seemingly confirms that ASAP Ferg is no longer part of the Mob.

On Monday (August 31), A$AP Illz took to his Instagram Stories and claimed Ferg is no longer part of the clique.

“They Been calling me The Golden Child for years now and it’s not for no reason…..I been him,” he wrote. “Damn right I ain’t no yes man but you n*ggas don’t respect that shit. y’all rather have a n*gga who’s not even half way on my level around just cause he a Yes man and do Whatever you want at the snap of your fingers sit goofy.”

He added, “Ferg aint ASAP NO MORE. sorry guys. that n*gga burnt out, songs dumb trash. mr anthem can’t get right.”


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