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Stephen A. Smith calls podcaster Jason Whitlock “A Devil”, “Fat Bastard B!tch,” “Worse Than a White Supremacist” & More after longtime feud

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith goes-off on his former colleague turned enemy Jason Whitlock in a 45-minute rant on The Stephen A. Smith Show.

Stephen A. tells Whitlock: 'He is the worst human being you will ever meet'

Stephen A. Smith and Jason Whitlock worked together at ESPN for several years. Apparently, they didn't much care for one another.

The ESPN “First Take” sports analyst went on a no-holds-barred 45-minute diatribe on the “Stephen A. Smith Show” on Wednesday (Jan. 10), to air his grievances with Jason Whitlock after he recently called into question claims made in Smith’s memoir.

Stephen A. Smith released a teaser clip on Wednesday afternoon revealing he warned his employer ESPN and his family about the vitriol he would direct at Whitlock on his independent podcast. He even contacted his pastor ahead of time to apologize for what he was about to say.

"He is the worst, most despicable, lying, no-good fatass human being I have ever known in my life," said the 'First Take' host, who called his pastor to apologize in advance for everything he was about to "finally" say.

Whitlock called out Smith’s book “Straight Shooter: A Memoir of Second Chances and First Takes,” saying Smith wrote lies and exaggerations — including about his basketball career — and going as far as to call the ESPN personality Stephen A. Myth.

In response, Smith unleashed a fiery tirade with slew of expletives toward Whitlock.

He also told a number of behind-the-scenes stories and eviscerated Whitlock, who had two stints at ESPN and now works for Blaze Media, as someone who burns bridges everywhere he goes. 

Smith prefaced the rant by saying he called his pastor and emailed his bosses at ESPN, asking them for forgiveness in advance.

Warning: explicit language


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